Since I have a lot of unfinished doodles or random dooldes without real purpose did I put it all in a post together.
First a unfinished artwork for CotF around two month old
then Raph and Spike (3 month old? It was between my paper work)

Some unrelated sketches of people and the rest ist sketchbook stuff.
I tend to draw single scenes from the comic concept sketches in a bigger scale to not forget the emotion I want to convey. The first Kanin sketch is one of those. It is the moment before the heart thief steals Irinas heart. The rest is just fooling around with their faces XD

And last but not least the sketches to my current project at work. I often doodle the facial expressions somewhere when I am not sure how I want to make it in the clean sketch or final artwork.

End of the random rambling *drops mike and doodles more*

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I'm Nicole and this is something like an art-blog with pictures, obsessive fandom and all the funny stuff which is going through my brain. Please bear with my english.

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