If anyone reblogs Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked nudes on my dash, I WILL unfollow you instantly. I don’t want someone’s leaked photos which they didn’t give permission to spread on the internet splattered across my dashboard. And if you reblog them, YOU’RE part of the problem.

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Source for more facts follow NowYouKno


Source for more facts follow NowYouKno


She pointed out the sexism in video games, so men threatened her until she fled her home

On Monday, Anita Sarkeesian posted a segment titled “Women as Background Decoration.” It examined how gratuitous sexual abuse and violence permeates contemporary video games. By the next day, she had received so many violent threats that she had to flee her home. And these weren’t idle Internet threats — some contained accurate identifying information about Sarkeesian’s home and family, enough for law enforcement to get involved.

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I saw this video two days prior and it is scary how commonly violence against and sexual exploitation of women gets used to illustrate adult themes.

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James Lopez is a veteran Disney animator (The Lion King, Pocahontas, Paperman) who is trying to raise funding for his primarily hand-drawn short film, Hullabaloo, with hopes of eventually finding a studio to fund a full-length version.

From the film’s IndieGo page:

Hullabaloo is the story of Veronica Daring, a brilliant young scientist who returns home from an elite finishing school to find her father—the eccentric inventor Jonathan Daring—missing without a trace! The only clue left behind points Veronica toward Daring Adventures, an abandoned amusement park used by her father to test his fantastical steam-powered inventions. There she discovers a strange girl named Jules, a fellow inventor who agrees to help Veronica in locating her missing father and discovering the secrets of his work.

In addition to helping save 2D animation, Hullabaloo aims to encourage girls to explore science and adventure. The film’s two protagonists are both young women and both scientists who use their intellect, wits, and courage to fight greed and corruption. We hope that Veronica Daring and her friend Jules will serve as positive role models for girls of all ages and encourage them to get excited about science, engineering, and sci-fi.

To see some footage and a short video pitch from Lopez, click here.

This looks really cool, and I love that one of the kickstarter rewards is an animation class!

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  • Do not forget Michael Brown
  • Do not forget how the media dehumanized him and tried to justify his murder
  • Do not forget how peaceful protests were painted as savage riots
  • Do not forget police armed with military grade weapons terrorized and arrested black civilians
  • Do not forget Darren Wilson being awarded over $400,000 in fundraiser donations for murdering an unarmed black child
  • Do not forget that this system was not built to defend us, but to control us
  • Do not forget Ferguson 

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I got reminded of the horible dead island collectors edition today and thought a detatched arm with working wristwatch would be way cooler for the shelf than that.
I would totally buy this arm asap. XD

demotu said: You should totally post your deaf fanfic essay! I need it for reasons. :D



Obviously the best way to write a d/Deaf character is to do what you would with any character and make them a three dimensional person and not just have them be d/Deaf for angst or H/C—make them a real person with real traits outside of this d/Deafness.

I tried to reign in this essay to make it specifically focused on d/Deaf!fic and specifically a list of things I would label as Don’ts. That said, Not all of this list is inherently inaccurate or bad, it’s just often written from a place of misunderstanding or ignorance.

A good example is the ways interpreters are used (or, rather, almost never used) in stories. Are there situations that would ideally have a professional interpreter, however d/Deaf people will often have to make do without? Of course! But then write that as someone making do, not as just the way things are.

This all comes with the immense caveat that I am a hearing person and so take all of this with a block of salt (and anon is always on if you want to come at me with corrections).

Lip Reading: 

-Being able to lip read when someone isn’t looking directly at them.
-Being able to lip read large groups that are talking at the same time.
-Being able to lip read in low light situations.
-Being able to lip read all people easily and instantly.
-Being able to lip read perfectly, without stress.
-Being able to lip read from great distances.

Hearing Aids/Cochlear Implants: 

-Hearing aids/CI working all the time, without issue.
-Hearing aids/CI being a miracle cure.
-Hearing aids/CI giving you the exact hearing level of a hearing person.
-What happens when the hearing aids/CI are removed/die never being addressed.

Acquisition of ASL:

-Hearing people learning ASL incredibly fast.
-Hearing people related to the d/Deaf person all being fluent ASL users.
-Hearing people being able to understand ASL perfectly, even if they just started learning it.
-Hearing people learning ASL solely from the internet/another hearing person and never interacting with the Deaf community.

ASL Mistakes:

-Not treating ASL as a separate language from English, with it’s own distinct grammar and rules.
-Conflating PSE/Signed English with ASL.
-Excluding or not acknowledging the importance of NMS (Non-Manual Signs) from ASL, in particular facial expression and mouth morphemes.
-People talking while signing or only signing one or two words being presented as ASL.

Deaf Community:

-Not having the Deaf community present at all.
-No consideration for the difference between deaf and Deaf or oral d/Deaf people and non-oral d/Deaf people.
-Not mentioning the ways in which d/Deaf people use technology to communicate.
-Not mentioning Deaf community norms, such as shoulder tapping/stamping/light flickering for attention, eye lines being crucial, long goodbyes, etc.
-Not giving a deaf character a Deaf identity or not adding context for why they don’t have one.
-Hearing people acting in audist ways and not being called on/that being seen as a good thing.
-Not having common frustrations with hearing people addressed (such as a hatred of “never mind”)
-Not consider background, such as if they were mainstreamed or attended a Deaf school.


-Not having any interpreters at all for people who sign.
-Not having any interpreters in a story where an interpreter would be required by law in the USA. 
-Having unqualified people interpret, such as friends or family. 
-Interpreters existing solely for the d/Deaf person, with no voice interpreting ever happening.
-No mention of existing interpreting technologies, such as VRS.
-Interpreters not being seen as a standard accommodation, but something “special”.

Deaf 101 Resources:

-What’s it like to be DEAF?
-My Deaf Family
-Quiet Campus
-What’s it’s like to be deaf from birth?
-CODA Brothers: Deaf Driving

Just as an addition, thecoggs volunteered to field questions about writing d/Deaf characters and/or point out resources, if folks are interested.

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Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue

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Elves are wonderful. They provoke wonder.
Elves are marvellous. They cause marvels.
Elves are fantastic. They create fantasies.
Elves are glamorous. They project glamour.
Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment.
Elves are terrific. They beget terror.
The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes look for them behind words that have changed their meaning.
No one ever said elves are nice.
Elves are bad.

Terry Pratchett {Lords & Ladies}

This, to me is the most chilling paragraph in any Discworld novel.

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I thought I’d break the recent negative streak and add something positive to the table.

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